Merry Christmas from Creative Music Institute!

Tattoos & Teddy Bears  -  Christmas 2017

This most recent collaboration project is a very different kind of Christmas tune.. from the somber sounding instrumentals at the start,and the gritty imagery that the opening lyrics portray, it might not even seem like a Christmas song at all... but it very much is, and you will hear this as the story unfolds. The multi-talented songwriter Bob Ruhe is the mastermind behind this song, The misleading tone is perhaps a tongue-in-cheek metaphor for the moral of the story which is presented. 

Join us now as we: 



Bob Ruhe - Singer/Songwriter - 
Guitar and Piano. 
John Lahovski - Mandolin & Uke - 
#FenderStratocaster #paistepowerride 
Backing Vocals - Gabrielle Sukop 
Abby Blackwell. - Marina Furst 
Harmony Vocal - Debra Weiant 
Produced by Dylan Weiant