Rory Levinson - Electric Bassist

From playing in her high school’s marching band to chasing her dreams of being in a rock band, junior Rory Levinson leapt into the world of Electric Bass at Creative Music Institute in December 2019. Despite her extensive…

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Bob Ruhe And Friends at Creative Music Institute

Writing, arranging, recording, and producing an album of original songs can take a lot of time.  For Bob Ruhe, John Lahovski, and Dylan Weiant of CMI, the project, Bob Ruhe and Friends at Creative Music Institute, took over a…

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Keith Adams - April 2019 

Keith Adams is a former and returning student of CMI. He is currently the Creative Music Institute "Artist in Residence" for April 2019 and will be presenting an evening of his original songs and music at the end of this…

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Rowin Scott: Guitarist inspired by tradition.

Of all the potential students who apply to Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Arts, only about 550 make it past the interview and audition process. One of those is a 14 year-old freshman named Rowin Scott. With the…

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Briana Prieto: Guitar Student Wins Talent Show

CMI Guitarist Briana Prieto recently won the Lower Macungie Middle School Talent Show after playing the song "Riptide" by Vance Joy. Prieto is no stranger to a live audience. Though she has done several performances in both theatre and dance…

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13 Year-old Copyrights Original Song

13 Year-old Copyrights Original Song 

    Mandie Perez is an eighth grader at Lehigh Valley Academy, who often writes songs for fun. She recently wrote, “Falling for You” about her boyfriend. The song took about three days to write. Perez…

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Merry Christmas from Creative Music Institute!

Tattoos & Teddy Bears  -  Christmas 2017

This most recent collaboration project is a very different kind of Christmas tune.. from the somber sounding instrumentals at the start,and the gritty imagery that the opening lyrics portray, it might…

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John Stowell

John Lahovski is providing a real service to the community with his Creative Music Institute. His emphasis is hands-on instruction to engage his students and give them access to the joy and creativity that music can offer. I've had the…

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March 2016 - Creative Process Theory 2016_1.1

The other kids in the Saturday morning Trio Session played three songs in 90 minutes. There were loud, electric strums as the three girls learned each other's song choices. The original recording plays in the background as the girls put…

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