Tatoos teddy bears

Merry Christmas from Creative Music Institute!

Tattoos & Teddy Bears  -  Christmas 2017

This most recent collaboration project is a very different kind of Christmas tune.. from the somber sounding instrumentals at the start,and the gritty imagery that the opening lyrics portray, it might not even seem like a Christmas song at all... but it very much is, and you will hear this as the story unfolds. The multi-talented songwriter Bob Ruhe is the mastermind behind this song, The misleading tone is perhaps a tongue-in-cheek metaphor for the moral of the…

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John Stowell

John Lahovski is providing a real service to the community with his Creative Music Institute. His emphasis is hands-on instruction to engage his students and give them access to the joy and creativity that music can offer. I've had the pleasure of doing two workshops at CMI and I look forward to working with John and his students again in the future. 

John Stowell 


March 2016 - Creative Process Theory 2016_1.1

The other kids in the Saturday morning Trio Session played three songs in 90 minutes. There were loud, electric strums as the three girls learned each other's song choices. The original recording plays in the background as the girls put their own spin on the songs. In a few short minutes, the strumming is uniform, both girls hitting the right chords at the right time. The singer gets louder and her confidence increases as the lyrics continue. In a few short minutes the song has gone from new to…

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5/11/2013 Students Record Improv at Open House

No, I wasn't kidding.

This is a melody written and recorded by creativemusicinsitute [students] and Instructors at the CMI open house on 051113.

This song features:

23 minutes of Rock Guitar solos over two chords
a half time triplet based groove
artificial rhythmic groupings
guitar feedback
minor key tonality
a recurring harmonized melody
excessive drum soloing
two handed tapping
two bass players
electric piano
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